When we act CALM, COOL, COLLECTED and CONNECTED, we have better relationships with people around us as well as with ourselves. Every day has its challenges and limited hours. When facing an adverse or challenging situation, we can or freeze (-become numb) or fight and then run away or ignored the actions that were supposed to be taken to resolve the conflict. (fight or flight response)-.

It leads to unprocessed emotions like anxiety, being overwhelmed, anger and a feeling of rejection and disconnection.

All the above causes us not to be present.

"Kiekie" ( The name of the little green chair ) and the camera on your cellphone can help you to process in your own time and language these emotions that are unprocessed in your subconscious mind. We Kick negative emotions

-by taking seven pictures and adding the feeling (also called unprocessed emotion- ) that describes your photograph (A “KieKie”)

We re-establish positive thought by adding positive feelings to photograph taking by chosen spot of own choosing -